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📣 The 360° Career Advancement Course is BACK and better than ever!

📣 The 360° Career Advancement Course is BACK and better than ever!

Career Success Now

Become the CEO of Your Career

We’ve helped our clients land job offers at:

Do you feel stuck with your career search or in your current job?

Good news!
You’re not alone…
and many people feel the exact same way.

Even better news:
You can change your circumstances
as the world needs you

(^You may be skeptical, we get it. No obligation, no pitch. Just exploration
of what your future could look like)

It doesn’t have to be complicated either.

We partner with mid-senior level professionals to create a powerful brand that will land you well paying roles at companies you want to work for.

Our goal is to help you become the CEO of your career.

Right Now, You Might Be…

❓ Feeling tired of doing the same job over and over again

❓ Dreading Sundays because that means Monday is just around the corner again
❓ Feeling underpaid and overworked (and wondering how to make more income)

You’ve Probably Tried Everything…

❌ Talked to your friends, family and spouse about your frustrations
❌ Tried Googling and YouTubing solutions but end up in analysis paralysis 
❌ Applied for new jobs online, but never hear back


Hearing back from the companies YOU want to work for

Actually getting PAID what you are WORTH (hello new clothes, car or house?)

Having endless opportunities available from your ability to strategically network with confidence


This is all possible!

What our clients are saying

I absolutely recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking to refresh their mindset and gain a new prospective on the value “YOU” bring to the workplace. You are worth the investment, take the leap, knowledge is power!!

Jessica K.

Business Administration

Courtney is a God sent for anyone stuck in a Career rut! I met Courtney at the right time when I needed the most help and she came through in full power and helped me with my Career Journey.  Anyone requiring help with their career or wants some basic tips to up their game, Courtney is the right person to go for. Her lessons are not just for short-term growth but stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Vanisha S.

HR Recruitment

Within three weeks of signing up for her job seeking program, I received multiple job interviews. Courtney provided templates, support, direction  and coaching throughout my process and helped me land my dream job at a phenomenal salary!

Carlos M.

Travel & Tourism Leader

Courtney is a talented young professional who is opening my eyes to the new career/position searching world. It has been a while since I explored the job environment. She is passionate and knowledgeable about her business and anyone who works with her at any stage of their career benefits. I would certainly recommend using her services any time.

Ruth O.

Administrative Professional

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Career Coach Vancouver BC Canada

PS, are you unfamiliar with career coaching? If so, let’s dive deeper…

Sometimes the last thing you would think of is “I should hire a career coach”, but as you can see in our success stories page, it sure pays off.The benefit of partnering with a career coach is you will get hired 2.5x faster into a role you truly enjoy. We have expertise in career consulting and career counselling. We have 21+ testimonials saying how partnering with a job coach was one of the best career decisions they’ve made. Most people come for the career advice, and turn into long-term friends. Whether you need 1:1 coaching or simple step-by-step career help tips, we have you covered. Most people don’t realize they need career guidance until they’ve spent months frustrated, with little to no income. Career coaches are often called career consultants because we bring years of experience and provide extremely valuable recommendations. If you often find yourself thinking about changing careers, it may be time to get some career change help using our career counselling services and career change counselling. There’s nothing more frustrating than not hearing back from your applications. This is where career search coaching can really make a difference with our personal career counselling. If you’ve been affected by COVID-19 and your employer had offered you career outplacement services, reach out to our career advisors today. Feeling stuck and anxious when writing your resume? We recommend partnering with our resume coach to start hearing back from companies you want to work for. 

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