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How to Recession Proof Your Career:

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How to Recession Proof Your Career:

Look, it’s no secret that we are constantly hearing about an economic downturn on the horizon. Interest rate hikes, high inflation, mass layoffs… the list goes on. The good thing is… LIFE goes on, as well! You need to keep putting food on your table, you still need a roof over your head, you already put in the work for your education.

The cold hard truth is life as we know it is not over just because the economy is down. So, you need to keep moving. You need to keep going. This means, you need to recession proof your career. 

Here are 3 quick tips to do just that:

  1. Work on “The CEO Mindset”:

This is a key concept we teach in Career Success Now, our signature career transformation program. In fact, it’s actually the module we start off with because it’s truly SO powerful. So, what is The CEO Mindset? Well, much of the concept around The CEO Mindset is moving ourselves into a mindset that a successful, top-level CEO would be in.

Often, we are stuck in an “employee” mindset. This means:
-We are living in the here and now
-We can see far into the future
-We don’t know exactly what we want, don’t manifest
-We are reliant on our employer
-We are at the mercy of what they are willing to pay us.
-…. Ultimately we are in a “scarcity mindset”

However, CEOs often see things differently! They:
-Are abundant
-Invest often
-Plan long-term
-Know their value + worth and don’t settle  -Strategically network -Don’t rely on any employer for their income -Know what they want and manifest it daily 

  1. Have an Undeniably Strong Brand:

If you follow me, you know I frequently talk about the importance of having a brand that is crystal clear. A “specialist” brand… not a “generalist”. This means:
-Getting lazer clear on what your technical skills are for ONE line of work
-Getting lazer clear on what your interpersonal skills are for ONE line of work
-Writing ONLY the ones that are relevant for that 1 line of work -Declaring what kind of professional you are at the top of your resume “eg. Human Resources Professional” -Clean up you resume and LinkedIn profile so it includes strong keywords -Use a modern, fresh template that is NOT boring, black and white

  1. Research Booming Companies & Industries: 

It’s all over LinkedIn how many layoffs tech companies such as Twitter, Meta etc. are laying people off by the mass. Let’s stay away from those companies. What ones are booming? Based on my quick research: environmental, e-commerce, banking & finance, sales are all going strong. Also, the “essential” industries still remain essential. This means transportation, public/government, healthcare, heavy duty, construction. These are often still hiring.

So, I would seriously consider spending the time to research the companies within these industries and look at their careers website. Do you potentially have the skills to help move them forward?