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Key Aspects of Career Success

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Career success… that sounds great! Sign me right UP!


Hmmm… but how exactly do we do that? If you feel stuck in your career, are not getting paid what you are worth, can’t stand your boss or simply feel like you could be making a bigger difference, let me say this: I HEAR YOU, FRIEND!


I’ve put together 5 ways (that all start with R’s as to how you can start up-leveling your career today. Here they are:


1️⃣Reimagine: Let the imagination of the future be the driving force to pivot where you set fit for success.
-This often starts with deep exploration and research. Take the time to really let your mind wander!
-Mindset work in this stage is always good. What are some fears or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back?

2️⃣Reinvest: Invest in your professional development, revamp your resume, learn a new skill, become an expert in your field.
-This could start with hiring a career coach to really help you unpack everything that’s going on in your head.
-Once we have really hashed out what you want to do in your next role, we need to rebrand you with your deliverables (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) so that you stand OUT from the crowd.
-How can you start learning the skills you need to be successful in that career path?


3️⃣Reposition: Reassess your professional storyline and decide how you will explain who you are and what you bring to the table.
-In my many years of experience in HR, I’ve truly seen some amazing candidates fall through the cracks because they were unable to clearly communicate the value they bring to a company or role. I really encourage you to do everything you can with your career coach to get crystal clear on what makes you unique and how you can help move the company forward.


4️⃣Relationships: Network and build relationships while getting to know people to develop positive interactions.
-60-70% of jobs are found through strategic networking.
-You need to ALWAYS network (not just when you need a job).
-Networking does not need to be sleazy, it’s simply a conversation with another human being. This is a major mindset shift we need to make! PS, I have some great templates to help you start the conversation – reach out.


5️⃣Rest: Necessary for your mental to keep going in your professional aspirations as it is necessary.
-Yes, you heard that correct – REST!
-Our mental health is key to the success of our careers. If we are burned out, uninspired, tired or exhausted, we are not going to show up our best selves.


?Have you ever took a step back to evaluate these aspects?


I hope this helps you gain career clarity so you can get out there and absolutely crush your goals.