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Our Mission

We help mid-senior level professionals go from stuck to confident & landing 6-figure career offers at world-class companies!

Step 1:

Free Checklist

Have a game plan!

Free 6-Figure Career Offer Check-list


Step 2:


My Simple Formula to 6-Figure Careers…
hello more income!

Step 3:

Resume + Brand Overhaul

Get properly noticed

Stand out from the pack as we professionally update your Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter. You need A+ deliverables because even B- ones will put you in the non-interview pile.


Step 4:

Career Success Now

Signature Program

“I’m a professional that wants a full career search strategy!”
A full re-brand plus actionable advice from weekly 1 on 1 coaching sessions from Career expert Courtney Hill.
In addition you get access to 4 months of career coach training divided up into 6 powerful learning modules truly giving you an edge over the competition.

Step 5:

Salary Negotiation

Earn the compensation you deserve!

We specialize in all salary negotiation matters, even with clients that have current jobs but feel they are worth more.

Salary negotiation is also the final step you receive when you enroll in our Career Success Now signature program.



Hi! I’m Courtney, Head
career lady here at
Career Success Now.
If you ask me, the best part about what I do is I get to show people
how great they already are, then bring them to new levels. It’s amazing + I wouldn’t change it
for the world.

Not to mention, I have 10+ years of
experience in human resources &
recruitment so I’ve hired hundreds of
people to date. If I’m being honest with
you, I’ve seen many great, qualified candidates not land the role because of certain factors. Now, I help people like you ensure this doesn't continue to happen.

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These 2 programs were built with
YOU in mind.

Look, we’ve been there before.
I once had a burning passion to follow a certain career path, invested in a degree + certificate, graduated to only then be turned down time and time again by employers. 

I’ve received countless rejection emails, been ghosted, and started to wonder what’s wrong with me and why nothings going my way. I’ve walked away from an employer with no notice because I was fed up from being underpaid and undervalued. 

I’ve had bosses and coworkers let me down time and time again. But after all this… I learned the best way out of it all is taking back control of the process. This means getting crystal clear on your value, standing OUT from the crowd and communicating your high worth to employers you actually want to work for. 

We’re here to help you do just that.

Career Coach Vancouver BC Canada

PS, are you unfamiliar with career coaching? If so, let’s dive deeper…

Sometimes the last thing you would think of is “I should hire a career coach”, but as you can see in our success stories page, it sure pays off.The benefit of partnering with a career coach is you will get hired 2.5x faster into a role you truly enjoy. We have expertise in career consulting and career counselling. We have 21+ testimonials saying how partnering with a job coach was one of the best career decisions they’ve made. Most people come for the career advice, and turn into long-term friends. Whether you need 1:1 coaching or simple step-by-step career help tips, we have you covered. Most people don’t realize they need career guidance until they’ve spent months frustrated, with little to no income. Career coaches are often called career consultants because we bring years of experience and provide extremely valuable recommendations. If you often find yourself thinking about changing careers, it may be time to get some career change help using our career counselling services and career change counselling. There’s nothing more frustrating than not hearing back from your applications. This is where career search coaching can really make a difference with our personal career counselling. If you’ve been affected by COVID-19 and your employer had offered you career outplacement services, reach out to our career advisors today. Feeling stuck and anxious when writing your resume? We recommend partnering with our resume coach to start hearing back from companies you want to work for. 

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