Stand Out From The Crowd And Get A Powerful Brand Overhaul As We "Level-Up" Your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn + Bonus Powerpoint.

We know first hand what employers need to see in order for you to land interviews.
✔️Powerful Resume
✔️Next-Level Cover Letter
✔️Highly-Effective Linkedin Profile
✔️Bonus Powerpoint

Our Powerful Brand Overhauls helped our clients land offers at:

Land More Interviews For Higher Level Positions And Salaries

✔️Powerful Resume

Utilize Courtney Hill’s 10 years of experience as a Hiring Manager to get a Custom-written resume, based on your unique experience and career goals, that will help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.


Get New Marketing Materials That Employers Are Seeking In Today’s Current Job Market

✔️Next-Level Cover Letter

Behind every successful resume is a supporting cover letter. 90% of hiring managers consider cover letters an essential tool when assessing job candidates. When done right, this ever-important document can give you the edge you need to stand out.

Setting You Up For Success With The Right Tools

✔️Highly-Effective Linkedin Profile

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate and screen job candidates. Your digital presence should help convey your experience and the expertise you bring to the table. It is also Keyword optimised so you show up more frequently in recruiters’ searches.

First-hand Industry HR And Recruitment Knowledge Make You Stand Out

✔️Bonus Powerpoint

Our powerpoints utilize creative slide designs and innovative visual elements to ensure that each resume is unique and visually engaging, setting you apart from the crowd.


Stand out from all the other candidates in order to win!

Carlos Montenegro

“Courtney is an amazing resource and a true innovator in the employment coaching realm. Her one-on-one coaching and instruction is a game changer for those looking for work, or seeking a transition to a new field. Courtney’s job search and coaching modules are packed with key learnings developed over the course of her career as an HR professional. Within three weeks of signing up for her job seeking program, I received multiple job interviews. Courtney provided templates, support, direction and coaching throughout my process and helped me land my dream job at a phenomenal salary!”

Vanisha Sodhi

“Courtney is a God sent for anyone stuck in a Career rut! I met Courtney at the right time when I needed the most help and she came through in full power and helped me with my Career Journey. Along with being a great Career Coach, she is a great friend to have and is extremely supportive and warm. Anyone requiring help with their career or wants some basic tips to up their game, Courtney is the right person to go for. Her can-do, roll up the sleeves attitude is very infectious that can do wonders for people. Her lessons are not just for short-term growth but stay with you for the rest of your life. All you need to do is be open and she will wave her wand and do the magic.”

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