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📣 The 360° Career Advancement Course is BACK and better than ever!

📣 The 360° Career Advancement Course is BACK and better than ever!

3 Important (and underrated) Steps I Take to Land $100k+ Roles

1. I always look for ways to “solve challenges”This may be an obvious one, but very few people actively seek out challenges they can help solve.And the rule of thumb is this: the bigger challenges you help solve… the bigger your pay cheques.It’s fact!The smartest people in the world continually solve biiiigggggg challenges, and they get paid accordingly.(Think: Elon musk… using “clean energy” for transportation)So, how can you always be thinking about what challenges you can help solve?Use these questions:-How can you help the company (or person) make money?How can you help the company (or person) save money?-How can you help make someone’s life easier?-How can you establish new, time saving processes?You should always be thinking of ways to take what’s existing… and improve it.In other words, continuous improvement should be in your blood!Because when you improve.. and actively seek ways to do things “better” vs. the “same old same old” constantly, people see you have a growth mindset.Growth mindset = higher income.Higher income = less worries!2. I keep a running list of the challenges I’ve helped a company (or person) solveOnce some time passes, make sure you keep track of these challenges you’ve helped solve!This is a very underrated habit to be in.Very few people actually keep track of this, and then when it comes time to apply to new roles or they have an upcoming interview, they FORGET!Yes, we as human beings are forgetful.Very.So, instead… be proactive and keep a running list of what you’ve done!Ultimately, keep a list of where you have:-Helped the company (or person) make money-Helped the company (or person) save money-Helped make someones life easier-Established new, time saving processesDid you know that I was once rejected from a job because the hiring manager actually said I didn’t “own” enough accomplishments?No joke.The recruiter said I talked too much about what my team and I did, but not enough about me.I was mind blown! Thinking that I would have sounded selfish.But nope.Instead, I sounded average.Just another person in the sea of applicants.Average does not get you job offers.That’s a fact.3. Create a powerful brand that showcases the challenges you’ve help a company (or person) solve!Here’s the trickiest part.We’re always taught to be humble.Not to brag. Not to show off. Not to be proud.And to some degree that’s fair.But the thing is, in your career you DO need to showcase your accomplishments.You do need to highlight your value and the above exercise does exactly that.So when you go to write your resume, each and every bullet point should be where and how you’ve helped solve challenges.I look at resumes daily and the truth is, anyone that lists their “day-today duties” only, I’m never impressed.However, if someone lists with check marks in their resume where they’ve truly made a difference, where they’ve made an impact… I’m impressed.And guess what? I call these people first.It’s simple!Accomplishments showcase how you are an A player. Not a B or C player.I can’t stand C players… and nor can businesses.A players aline with other A players and if you are one, TELL the company!Don’t be afraid to speak up.Don’t be afraid to communicate all that hard work you did.Because if you don’t tell them… no one will.It’s your career. Your life.Get after your goals and dreams.I’m rooting for you 🙂-Courtney

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