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How To Use Increase Your Job Offer Rate Using Videos

Table of Contents

Get an interview by skipping the resume and sending a video pitch.

These 3 simple tips will help you make it all happen.

1. Gather your top 5 companies and desired roles

So… here’s the thing.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of submitting a video with (or as) your application.

Easier said than done, right?

Well… start small.

What I mean by this is write down the top 5 companies you want to submit your video to.

It’s really about quality > quantity.

Look on LinkedIn! What ones REALLY peak your interest?

Write down 3 ways you feel you can really help this company.

AKA… what skills do you have that they are wanting?

What problems do you think you can help them solve?

Why YOU? What makes you passionate about them?

Make brief notes about these companies and keep it simple.

2. Get your tech together, look good and use this script format

Once you’ve made your notes on the top 5 companies you want to submit a ~1 minute video application for, start prepping for the recording.

Filming tips:
-sit in front of a window where there’s good lighting or use a ring light
-wear a nice dress shirt, comb hair etc.
-don’t worry about a fancy camera, your phone should be sufficient
-always, ALWAYS smile!

Script format:
-Introduce yourself (smile – look friendly!)
-Say what value you know you can provide to the company (skills, accomplishments)

… who are you, what industry are you in, how much experience, what makes you passionate about your role?



“Hi there, my name is Courtney Hill and I’m an HR professional with 10+ years of experience!

I am passionate about human resources because I genuinely enjoy partnering with employees, managers and leaders at all levels of the business to implement and strengthen HR strategies such as recruitment, compensation and more”


I see you are looking for someone who brings ___________ (technical) skill and __________ (technical) skill

I actually have 3 years of experience with that skill (eg. HRIS platform) where I utilized it at Costco to recruit 40 new staff members!

I also see you are looking for someone who is a strong team player.

At my previous company, I organized a group of HR generalists together, and met 1x a week. We actively put time and effort towards solving _____ problem and did that in 1 month!


I would love to chat further and meet the hiring manager and team.

Please feel free to give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email me at XXX.

Have a fantastic day!”

Make sure you try to keep it to 1 minute.

Attention spans now-a-days are short.

3. Send this 1 minute video to the hiring manager or with your online application

Once you’ve recorded all 5 videos with the format above, attach it to your online application.

Feel free to go the extra mile by trying to find the hiring manager’s email, or recruiters. is a good email finder for company emails.

Or, you could reach out to the appropriate people on LinkedIn too.

Remember, going the extra mile often pays off!


Action steps:

  • Research 5 companies
  • Record the video with the script above
  • Send

Alright, that’s it for now!

See you next week.