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Time To Change Careers

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, chances are that you are wondering if it’s time for you to change careers.


Do you work in a bank, but find yourself daydreaming about being an artist? Do you feel like your life is stuck in a rut? These are just some reasons why you may need a career change. We’ll investigate these and some more reasons in this blog post!


Is it time to change careers? 4 reasons why it might be


You feel like you are not making a difference


The average Canadian works typically for nearly 40 hours a week. If you feel like you are not making a difference in this huge chunk of time, then you might need to call it a day with your current job.


Make a list of your primary job duties, and consider how the company would do these duties if you were not there. If there are some distinctive things that you do that nobody else in the office would be able to, there might be a reason to stick it out with your job.


However, if you feel like you could be easily replaced, it might mean that this job is no longer the right path for you, and your fate lies elsewhere.


You dread Monday mornings


Everyone looks forward to the weekend. However, if you feel yourself pining for Fridays all week and then get a sense of pure dread every Sunday evening, it might be time to shake things up and seek a new line of work.


Make sure, however, that you take the time to assess whether you are just feeling some weekend nostalgia, or if you are seriously unhappy in your line of work.


If you just feel a bit tired at the thought of going back to work, and wish you could spend another day doing as you please, that might be a sign that you’re just enjoying your weekend life. If you quickly adapt into ‘work mode’ once you’re on the way to work, this might show that your work life is actually ok.


However, if it’s a struggle to get through Mondays, and the dread of going to work occupies most of your Sunday, it may well be time to make a change. 


You have a hobby that you wish you could spend more time on


Most people have some hobbies, that’s true – but some people manage to make a job out of their hobbies.


For example, avid photographers might take the plunge into selling some of their prints, and eventually become a self-employed photographer.


If you have hobbies that you think you could monetize and find yourself wishing that you could spend more time on them, it might be worth taking a gamble and leaving your job.


Your job isn’t worth the money any more


Some people stay in jobs for the money, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. For some people, it is essential – especially when they have mortgages to pay off, student loans to pay back, and families to feed.


But, if you are comfortable enough in your financial situation, and you can’t motivate yourself to go to your job for the money alone, it might be worth taking the plunge and changing careers.


Many people who change careers end up accepting a pay cut but are happy to trade it for more job satisfaction. As long as you don’t rely on the money, it might be worth putting your happiness first.




If you resonate with any of these signs or are just troubled with the idea that your job may no longer be suitable for you, it might be time to change careers. If you would like some advice about changing careers and are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, please reach out to us.

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