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Networking Made Easy

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd & Move Beyond the Job Boards by Networking


Networking is one of the best resources for professional success and career development. A good network can help provide possibilities for advancement, job leads, and opportunities for personal improvement.


In fact, according to a recent survey, 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking, so it’s essential to be highly networked for both employers and job seekers. How can you step outside the unproductive cycle of job boards and network with new people? Check out our top tips below to stand apart from the crowd.


Attend Events


The easiest way to network with other people is to attend events in your community. Ensure that you pay attention to the events that local businesses or organizations are hosting in your city, and try to attend as many as possible. Bring some business cards so you can introduce and connect with new people. Events create a comfortable, laid-back environment where you can connect without any pressure.


Create Events


If you find that your city is not providing any community events, you could host your own events. You could create a workshop, host exhibits, happy hours, or host a panel of business speakers. Not only is this a powerful tool for your entire community, but it’s also something you can add to your resume or use as a talking point.


Prepare Your Elevator Pitch


The best way to leave a lasting impression when networking is to create instant interest in your business and projects. The first question people will likely ask when they meet you is, “What do you do?”. If you can’t answer that clearly in under one minute, you’ll lose interest. Know what you want to say beforehand, so you can easily connect with others.


Volunteer Your Time


Volunteering allows you to meet people who share your passion, while helping others in toye community. Pick a cause that’s important to you and find ways to volunteer your time. There is no pressure to network in a volunteering situations, so you can form genuine connections with the other volunteers around you.


Open Door Policy


Networking can start in your own office. If you have a private office, try to keep your door open as much as possible. Make it clear to others that it’s okay to stop by and say hello. By making yourself available to others, you’re literally opening the door to networking opportunities and deeper connections.


Offer value to others


The easiest way to network with others is to offer value to their work. Once you find out what they do, check your network to see if you can connect them with someone who may help their business. Providing value to others will help create meaningful connections and help you stand out from other people.


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